Brigstock Latham's CE Primary School will provide appropriate remote learning for pupils who are not able to attend school. Please see the attached Remote Learning policy for the full details of this.

  • In the event of individuals needing to self-isolate 

In the event that individual pupils are confirmed to be self-isolating or shielding due to COVID, Class Teachers will provide access to a weekly timetable of remote learning activities. This will be shared through DB Primary.  

This timetable will, as much as possible, link to our long-term curriculum plans and the learning those in school will be doing, while remaining manageable for staff to prepare on top of their usual weekly workload. To do this, we will make use of a number of ready prepared high quality online materials (drawing on some units from the national Oak Academy that fit with our school curriculum) and supplement these with our existing subscription packages which children are familiar with.  

As the teacher will still be in school with responsibility for the class, feedback will not be provided immediately although the class teacher email can be used if further clarification is required. Parents may also telephone the school and request a telephone appointment with the teacher.

  • in the event of a class bubble or partial closure 

Class Teachers will provide online resources in line with the learning that would have taken place in the classroom. This will ensure that children can continue to access the relevant curriculum for their year. Teachers will provide adapted learning resources for children with additional learning needs, just as they would in school. This information will be made available on DB Primary Learning Platform and/or supplemented by paper copies of work. 

This learning will be primarily delivered through DB Primary which will enable teachers to set and feedback on work completed and submitted from home. We will also make use of online resources such as the Oak National Academy. 

Other optional events and enrichment activity ideas will be spread throughout the week to help keep the children engaged and enthusiastic, as well as supporting their social interaction and physical and emotional wellbeing at this time. 

Accessing Remote Learning

To access remote learning, please click on the following DB Primary link and use your usual login details.

DB Primary Login

If you have any questions relating to any aspect of remote learning, please click the links to email the relevant class teacher:

Willow class (EYFS)

Maple class (1+2)

Cherry Blossom class (3+4)

Oak class (5+6) 

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