Year 5 / 6 Curriculum Plans

Class 5/6 Oak

Oak Class

Year 5 & 6

Welcome to the exciting new academic year in Oak Class. Miss Kirby will be teaching the class Monday to Thursday lunchtime and then Mrs Bull will work with the children for the remainder of the week.


Our literacy work will be focussed on WW2. We will use: Goodnight Mr Tom and Anne Frank to generate narratives and diary work and Rose Blanch for reports and journalistic writing. The Battle of Dunkirk will form the focus for our recount writing.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) along with comprehension will be timetabled using a rolling programme. This will enable the children to rehearse the punctuation and grammar focuses as well as work in groups with Miss Kirby to develop their comprehension skills.


We will begin the term reminding ourselves about place value within numbers and using this to reinforce how we can add and subtract mentally as well as rounding numbers to specified integers. We will add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers using formal methods and this will be reinforced through multi-step problem solving. The children will continue to develop their confidence and knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages. They will order fractions, recognise mixed and improper fractions as well as complete calculations involving fractions. Decimal numbers will be compared and the children will have the opportunity to solve problems giving answers to 1,2 or 3 decimal places. We will compare metric and imperial units, calculate perimeter, area and volume. Children will draw shapes and measure and calculate angles and make 3D shapes using nets. The children will complete, read and interpret information in tables, interpret and construct pie charts and line graphs and use these to solve problems. 


Over the term we will be covering 2 science focuses; Materials and Evolution and Inheritance.

We will compare and group everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity and response to magnets. Through fair testing we will explore substances that dissolve to form solutions.  Using our knowledge about solids, liquids and gases we will decide how mixtures might be separated and which changes are irreversible or reversible.

Through a focus on Evolution and Inheritance the children will develop an understanding about the development of evolutionary ideas and theories over time. Identify how human evolution has occurred and that adaptation and evolution is not a uniform process for all living things.


DigVictoryOver the term we will look at events that occurred during WW2, identifying countries involved and look at the Battle of Dunkirk. We will gain an understating about the importance of the ‘Home Front’, including food rations, ‘Dig For Victory’ and ‘Make do and Mend’. We will discuss the important role women played during the war and understand what life was like for evacuees. Alongside our literacy work, Rose Blanch and Anne Frank will support the learning about the persecution of the Jews.


The children are going to become game developers this term. They will have the opportunity to create artwork and sound for a game and then go on to design a computer program which uses sequences and repetition building on coding knowledge.


Our first art focus will be skylines in the Blitz. We will then look at and draw pencil sketches based on photographs from WW2. After looking at L S Lowry VE Day work we will complete some of our own scenes using his painting style.

Design and Technology

WarStreetLinked to our WW2 focus the children will have the opportunity to research Anderson Shelters and make one for a homework task. After research and planning we will enjoy cooking a war time cake which will take into consideration the restrictions that rationing placed on the home.


This term, the children will learn about what is important to Sikhs in Britain today, relating this to the origins of the Sikh faith. The children will have the opportunity to explore some of the ways in which Sikhs express their faith.  Alongside this we will be making links to the Christian faith and discussing what it means if God is loving and holy.


We will have the opportunity to develop agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through our ‘Real PE’ programme. The children will also enjoy the focus of WW2 dance, Tennis, Hockey, Gymnastic. Throughout this term, the children will be composing a dance inspired by the emotions evoked by the events of World War 2. They will explore the dynamics of movement and put together a sequence of movements which expresses a chosen theme.

PE will be on a Thursday so please ensure both inside and outdoor kit is in school as our activity can be weather dependent.  For the Autumn term the children have swimming on a Friday morning at Thrapston so swimming kit must be in school.


We will be spending time preparing for Young Voices which we are looking forward to performing in January. Livin' On A Prayer, will be our other focus allowing us to look at the dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch), We will learn to sing, play, improvise and compose using this song. The children will also have the opportunity to listen and appraise other classic rock songs.


During our PSHCE lessons we will be thinking about ways we are able to deal with the different feelings and emotions we may have. We will discuss and practice using a range of strategies to help us manage situations around friendships and emotions. We will look at keeping ourselves safe when we are out and about. Think about peer pressure and the responsibilities we have as we develop more independence.

Within our British Values work we will look at the London Underground system and also discuss its role during the WW2 bombing raids. We will look at electoral system in GB and the role of the local government.


Learning Logs – These activities will be set on a Thursday. The children will have a period two weeks to complete these tasks.

Weekly Homework

Set on a Thursday and due back on a Thursday.

Spellings and Maths focuses will be set weekly and tested on a Friday.

We look forward to an exciting and engaging term ahead.

Miss Kirby, Mrs Bull and Mrs Hill

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