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Class 3/4 Cherry Blossom

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Our topic this term is Normans. This is an exciting topic as it covers so much. We will be looking at William the Conqueror and the important role he played in history. We will also look at the Bayeux Tapestry, the Doomsday book and look at how the Normans lived and where they settled. We are hoping to visit Rockingham Castle as this was built under the instruction of William the Conqueror.


This term we will cover a range of genres in Literacy. We will be writing instructions and be concentrating on the type of language used when writing them. We will be writing mystery stories and we will continue to build on our knowledge of different types of poetry. We also have the opportunity to compete in the Oundle Festival of Writing, so we will be developing our skills to enable us to enter the competition.


In addition to weekly mental maths practice and solving word problems we will be focusing on fractions and decimals. We will also be looking at Roman numerals, negative numbers, area and perimeter. We will also consolidate our knowledge of times tables, division, addition and subtraction.


This term, our new topic is ‘Living Things’. We will be grouping living things and identifying and naming living things in the local/wider environment. We will also think about why different animals need different environments, how these environments change and what we can do to ensure all of these environments are safe places. We will looking closely at the sea and the animals that live in it. What dangers are there for living things in the sea?


Our PE days are Thursday and Friday. In one session we will be learning the skills needed for Hockey and playing games to learn the rules. We will be going swimming in our other session.

Please make sure that a full PE kit is in school, including outdoor trainers and plimsolls for the indoor hall space. We will be making the most of the weather and will have our PE lessons outside for as long as possible this term, therefore please ensure that you have long bottoms when the weather may be colder. Please also remember that earrings need to be removed or covered with plasters before PE lessons and long hair needs to be tied back.

Please remember to send your child to school with their own water bottle that has been clearly labelled with their full name. The children need to take their bottles home every Friday to be washed and bring them back into school the following Monday. It will be the children’s responsibility to remember to do this each week. The children will especially need them during PE lessons.


For the first half of the term, children will be exploring ‘Easter: Is Easter a festival of new life or sacrifice?’ For the second part of the term we will move on to ‘Values: What matters most to Christians and Humanists?’


This term we will be looking at how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. We will also think about New Year resolutions… what goals do we have and how are we going to achieve them. We will then think about what makes each of us unique and celebrate those things. We will also begin thinking about personal finance, helping children to understand the cost of things and why it is important to save money.


Art will be based around a famous artist; Andy Warhol. We will look at his existing work and what makes it original. We will then have a go at creating some our own art work based on his.

Music – Children will be improvising and composing music and listening to different types of music that they can then appraise. We will be listening to different genres of music and considering the similarities and differences.


Throughout the year, children will be studying a range of topics from our scheme; Rising Stars. Each topic will help them to learn and develop skills on a computer. This term will specifically focus on becoming digitally literate.


The intention of homework in Year 3 and 4 is to consolidate, practise and share skills learned in the classroom. It is also a chance for children to work independently or with somebody at home to complete a creative piece of work. Learning log homework is a chance for the children to be imaginative and innovative! The date that the homework is expected to be returned will be written on each piece when handed out.
The children will also have weekly Maths and spelling homework.


Children are expected to read daily at home in order to foster a love of reading and practice their reading skills. Reading needs to be recorded in the children’s reading record books which will be checked regularly.

DAY 10

The children all worked so well on our first Day 10 project linked to our school values, and achieved some wonderful outcomes. At the recent Head Teacher’s Conference, our Day 10 work was shared and highly praised, and this term we will be visited by a number of heads of local schools to see the Day 10 work in school.

This coming term we are all excited about our new Day 10 unit which we have called ‘LOVING LITERACY’. We hope that the children will enjoy a range of creative activities linked to all aspects of Literacy, and that we will encourage them to read more widely and write even more creatively. The unit will also link really well to the Oundle festival and to World Book Day, and we will look forward to sharing our work with you as the term progresses.

We will be planning and writing group stories, creating settings and characters and taking part in book quizzes in our library. The children will also have the opportunity to share and review favourite books and poems, and to write some poetry of their own.

Finally, please ensure that every item of clothing that your child brings to school (PE kit, swimming kit, coats, jumper etc.) are named. This way, they are easier to return when found and are less likely to be lost. Thank you!

Please don’t hesitate to come and see me if you have any queries or questions about any aspect of your child’s learning. I look forward to see you at our various events throughout the Spring term.

Mrs Griggs and Mrs Leaning

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