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First of all, we would like to welcome everyone to Year 1 and 2. We are looking forward to working with you, and developing strong links with you all as your children continue their learning journey at Brigstock School.

We plan an exciting, creative curriculum for the children. Our topic this term is all about Our Favourite Things, focusing in particular on ourselves.   We will be thinking about how we can stay healthy, including how we grow and change. We will learn about how we use our senses to investigate and learn about the world around us.  We will also be thinking about how the seasons change throughout the year and the effects that this has on plants and the environment around us.

Literacy – In Literacy we will be learning all about stories with a familiar setting. The first book we will be focusing on will be Funny Bones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.  We will be writing our own versions of the story and move onto writing newspaper style reports relating to the story. In addition to this, across both terms, we will have phonics, guided reading, 1:1 reading and handwriting sessions. We will also be continuing weekly spelling investigations to support our Spelling Bee work.

Maths – In maths this term we will be starting with some work on number and place value to check what the children already know. We will be thinking about how we can partition numbers and how we can find different ways to make the same totals. During this term we will also consider formal methods for recording addition and subtraction number sentences. We will think about number lines and how these can help us when we are counting, before moving on to look at multiplication and division. We will then complete some work on shape, space, position and direction before we move to money, measure and data handling.

Science – The main part of our science topic work this term will focus on ourselves. We will be learning about how we change, grow and stay healthy. We will learn all about our bodies and how they work and how we can use our five senses to investigate the world around us.  We will also be looking at the seasons. We will look at seasonal changes, including the changes in nature and the weather patterns. This strand of our learning will run throughout the year.

PE – This half term our PE lessons will Thursday and Friday afternoons.   Please make sure that PE kits are in school at all times and that earrings are removed on PE days.

History- We will be looking at how to sequence historical events and develop a chronological understanding.

RE – Our topic this term is places in Christianity.  We will be learning about special places where people are able to reflect and think about God.

Art – During our first unit of work we will be learning how to draw ourselves accurately, and we will add colour in a range of media. We will also be looking at the work of the artist Mackenzie Thorpe, and drawing our families in his style-choosing animals to represent our family members! After the half-term our unit of work will be houses and homes. We will use clay to create door plaques and we will look at the work of the artist Paul Horton as inspiration for our own pictures.


We ask that you read with your child as much as possible at home to foster a love of reading. We will be encouraging all children to become more independent and start to change their own reading books by the end of the year. These will still be checked by an adult in school and recorded on individual reading records held by the teacher and in the children’s reading logs.

We do a range of Maths activities every week, and we ask that you practise counting, writing numbers, number bonds and times tables as much as possible. We do lots of practical problem-solving, and it always helps if the children can use extra opportunities at home to add, subtract, count on and back in practical, relevant ways.

We will always keep you informed of any extra ways that you can help your child at home throughout our units of work. Please write comments about anything that you have done at home in the home-school book.

We look forward to sharing all aspects of our learning journey with you this term.

HOUSEKEEPING – In order to ensure that the children stay hydrated we would be grateful if your child could bring in a named water bottle which will be sent home at the end of each day to be cleaned and refilled at home. 

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