Year 1 / 2 Curriculum Plans

Maple Class

Welcome back Maple Class to our spring term! I hope everyone has had a lovely, Christmas break and you are ready for our next term! Our theme this term is ‘Space’.

In topic, the children will be learning about the British Isles and its surrounding seas and learning how to use North, East, South and West. They will be discovering more about our local geography and its man-made and physical features. They will also be exploring and comparing how local events have changed over time. The children will be creating fantastic imaginary art in the style of Axel Scheffler, and producing some spectacular wax resistant artwork to represent space.

Our literacy unit will start with ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort to create their own explanation texts of an alien life cycle. Next, the children will be introduced to the story ‘Lonely Sea Monster’ and they will produce their own short story about their lonely sea monster. In the second part of our spring term, the children will use information to explore what it is like to be an astronaut in space and create their own astronaut factfiles. And lastly, we will share the list poem ‘Ten things found in a wizard’s pocket’. The children will collect and share ideas to create their own list poem about an astronaut.

Discovering minibeasts is the focus of our science unit this term. The children will be going out to our wonderful bug garden to find what minibeasts they can discover. They will discuss habitats and they will be exploring the structure of their chosen minibeast In the second part of the spring term, the children will be finding out about their own structure and also discussing their senses and experimenting to find out how their senses work. The children will continue to discuss and look for clues of seasonal changes. Please ensure your child has wellies and a waterproof for these sessions on Tuesday afternoon.

In Year One Maths, the children will be continuing to practise their adding and subtracting skills, solving missing number problems and word problems, remembering to always check their answers. They will use these skills to add and subtract lots of different things, including money. They will practise applying what they know about fact families to find number bonds to 10 and 20. Times tables will also continue to be a focus, with the children counting in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s, arranging large groups of objects into arrays and then using this knowledge to begin to divide and share. The children will also be finding halves of shapes, objects and quantities.

In Year Two, the children will be drawing how to add and subtract tens and ones when the answer crosses over into the tens. They will practise more with number lines this term, and how to create their own to help them add and subtract. The will practise applying what they know about fact families to find bonds to 100, and they will be thinking about fractions of a shape and an amount. The children will continue to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and how they share amounts by creating arrays.

On Thursdays, both Year One and Two will be working together and focussing on shape and measure of length, height, capacity and money. They will continue to explore different shapes and use their properties to describe them. They will talk about how we measure things and explore with different apparatus. They will be exploring different coins and learning what happens when we reach 100 pennies. They will be using the coins to make amounts through hands-on activities. The Year Two children will also be introduced to and taught how to answer reasoning and mental arithmetic papers.

In RE, the children will be asking questions to help them understand, ‘Who made the world?’, and in PSHCE the children will be learning about society and equality.

The theme for music this term is ‘In the Groove’. The children will be exploring old school hip hop, and in ICT children will continue to learn about E-safety, movement (algorithms) and debugging and using these to problem solve.

This term, PE is on Thursday Morning and Friday Morning. The children will be practising the skills needed for tennis and football and using these to play games against each other. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit at school. With the colder months approaching, please ensure you include jogging bottoms and a jumper and please make sure ALL kit is labelled. It can very quickly become lost.

Please continue to help your child to practise for their spellings. The first four spellings are called ‘Common Exception Words’ and the children are expected to know these before the end of their current academic year. The children will receive any learning log homework on Fridays. Instructions for how and when to complete learning log homework will be inside their learning logs.

For ease, could children please bring in a named water bottle that will need to go home either daily or at the end of the week to be cleaned.

As ever, we are always available if you have any queries relating to work in the classroom and your support is always appreciated!


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