Year 1 / 2 Curriculum Plans

Class 1/2 Maple

Welcome to our summer term Maple Class! I hope everyone has had a wonderful, Easter break and you are ready for our last term! Our theme this term is ‘Opposites’.

In topic, the children will be continuing their learning about the British Isles and its countries, flags, symbols and countries capitals. They will be finding out about an ‘opposite’ non-EU country, how the equator affects its weather and discussing its man-made and physical features. We will be exploring flight with the Wright Brothers, and creating an opposite with wheels and axles. In art, the children will be creating fabulous prints using ideas from a local artist. They will be creating a group collage and looking at work by Matt Sewell, learning his style and technique to create water colour birds.

Our literacy unit will begin with a recount of their Easter holidays, using a success criteria list to see if they can remember when they have learned so far. We will follow this with the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ with lots of reading and drama and comparing it to ‘The Runaway Chapatti’ to look at cultural differences. The children will finish this unit by creating their own ‘The Runaway ?’ story. During the last term, there will be a focus on using a list of success criteria to help them write. They will be writing a recount about May Day and looking at poetry by Spike Milligan.

‘Young gardeners’ is our science focus this term. The children will be looking at how plants grow and carrying out experiments to determine what they need to grow, comparing them to themselves and what they need to grow. They will be looking at the different types of trees and using leaves to classify them. They will be thinking about plants that grow underground and those that grow above the ground. The children will be planting seeds and filling our vegetable patch to use for cooking later on in the term. If possible, could your child please have a pair of wellies at school for these sessions.

This term in Maths, Year 1 will be consolidating their understanding of 2-digit numbers and the place value of each digit. They will be using their knowledge of addition and subtraction facts to find related facts (e.g. 1 + 3 = 4 so 11 + 3 = 14) and to recognise that addition and subtraction are related and are the inverse of each other. Times tables will continue to be a focus again this term, with the children counting in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s, arranging large groups of objects into arrays and then using this knowledge to divide and share. They will also be learning the doubles of numbers from 1 to 10 and finding halves and quarters of shapes, objects and quantities. In Shape, Space and Measures, the children will learn about position, directions and movements, time on an analogue clock, naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes and measuring length, weight and capacity. Throughout every topic, the children will use the learnt knowledge and skills to solve problems.

In Year Two, the children will be revisiting everything they have learned so far. They will be focussing on number lines to add, subtract, multiply and divide. They will be looking at time to o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to and some children will be looking at time to the nearest five minutes. They will be thinking about and discussing how to look at a number problem and discuss the working outs to check if the answer is correct. This is to focus them when they are working out a problem to be able to check their work. We will then focus on graph work to create tally and block charts. 

In RE, the children will be looking at Gospel and considering, ‘What is the good news?’, and in PSHCE the children will be reflecting on what is means to have a healthy mind and healthy emotions.

The theme for music this term is ‘Your Imagination’. The children will be exploring songs from musicals and films that requires them to use their imagination, and in ICT children will continue to learn about E-safety, movement (algorithms) and debugging and using these to problem solve.

PE is on Thursday Morning and Friday Morning. The children will be introduced to some gymnastic skills on the mats and beginning to get ready for sports day with athletics. They will also be practising their May Day dancing. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit at school. Although the weather is getting warmer, please ensure you include jogging bottoms and a jumper and please make sure ALL kit is labelled. It can very quickly become lost.

Last term, the children all brought home a list of the common exception words they need to know to meet end of Year One / Year Two expectations. Included was the spelling test to give a clear indicator of where your child currently is with their spellings. For the next seven weeks, we are only going to focus on the common exception words for spellings. Please continue to help your child to learn these words confidently.

Year One children brought home a phonics revision booklet. The children will complete a phonics screening near the end of the academic year. They are learning these sounds and practising how to apply them in daily phonics sessions. Please use these booklets to help your child continue this practice at home.

The children will receive any learning log homework on Fridays. Instructions for how and when to complete learning log homework will be inside their learning logs.

For ease, could children please bring in a named water bottle that will need to go home either daily or at the end of the week to be cleaned, especially as we approach the warmer months.

As ever, we are always available if you have any queries relating to work in the classroom and your support is always appreciated!

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