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Welcome back to our summer term! I really can’t believe that we are into the last term of our Reception children’s first year of school…and what a fantastic year we have had so far. We hope everyone has had a lovely Easter break and you are ready for our next term! We are all looking forward to another exciting term in Reception. Our unit this term is ‘Up in the air, Down on the Ground and Under the Sea’. We will focus upon different types of transport that we can use in these different places, exploring different places around the world as we travel. As always, books and different stories will be the starting point for many of our activities.

We are also going to focus upon our capital city, London and the different sites you can see there.

Our work in Maths and Phonics continues as normal.

We will be continuing with phonics sessions every morning and we will send home details of any new sounds as we learn them. We will be practising blending sounds in school which will link directly to our work in phonics. The children are encouraged to continue to learn how to spell and recognise common words and apply these learnt phonics and spellings at all times in their guided and independent writing. We will continue to learn a range of ‘red’ words too (words that cannot be sounded out) - please check in home-school books for details (these will appear on a dinosaur!). As your child’s reading ability improves, do not hesitate to find some of these commonly used words in your child’s reading book and in the world around them and encourage them to recognise, remember and read. Any extra practice at home will really help to embed these words.

We will be writing in sentences and continuing to use finger spaces and end-of-sentence punctuation. We will also be thinking about how to extend our sentences to make our writing more interesting and exciting.

In Maths, we will be continue to focus on the numbers from 1-20, aiming to embed the correct formation of these numbers and what each number looks like. We will use these numbers to add and subtract, find one more and one less, order numbers and count backwards. We will also begin to learn how to count in groups of 2s and 10s and then groups of 5 and we will also begin to solve problems that involve doubling, sharing and halving.

The children will also continue to look at 2D and 3D shapes, especially looking at the properties of these shapes and using the correct mathematical language to describe them. They will use the everyday language involved with measuring time and money and the everyday language relating to capacity.

In RE, the children will be focusing on the name God and Creation. We will be asking the question ‘Why is the word ‘God’ so important to Christians?’ and looking at the wonderful world that Christians believe God created for us and how we can look after it. This topic links very well with our Day 10:10 activities this term and we will also be looking at recycling and what we can and should be recycling.

 ‘Young gardeners’ is our science focus this term. The children will be looking at how plants grow and carrying out experiments to determine what they need to grow, comparing them to themselves and what they need to grow. They will be looking at the different types of trees and using leaves to classify them. They will be thinking about plants that grow underground and those that grow above the ground. The children will be planting seeds and filling our vegetable patch to use for cooking later on in the term. If possible, could your child please have a pair of wellies at school for these sessions.

Reception will continue to have outdoor fun on Thursday. Throughout the whole of the Summer term the children will continue to explore and look first-hand for signs of the seasons changing from Spring into Summer, not only looking at how the world around us changes but also what changes we make as the weather warms up (e.g. different clothing and sun safety).

Reception, Year 1 and 2 will also continue to work together on lots of creative projects in the afternoons. In topic, the children will be learning about the British Isles and its countries, flags, symbols and capital cities. They will be finding out about an ‘opposite’ non-EU country, how the equator affects its weather and discussing its man-made and physical features. We will be exploring flight with the Wright Brothers, and creating an opposite with wheels and axles.

The children will also continue to be involved in the Day 10:10 activities this term. As you will already be aware, our Day 10 unit this term is called ‘Lost Words’. All the activities have the natural world at their heart, and have been inspired by the book ‘The Lost Words.A range of exciting, practical activities have been planned for all the children to look forward to, from creating their own outdoor art, writing poetry to fact-files, to create and inspire a sense of awe and wonder in the children.

As ever, we are always available if you have any queries relating to work in the classroom, please do not hesitate to come and ask us if you have any questions or queries about how you can continue to support your child in their learning at home.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to lots more fun and hard work this term.

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