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As everyone knows, we all value creativity within the curriculum so highly and enjoy a curriculum in school that is broad and balanced. It has been challenging to continue with this approach during Lockdown, but everyone has done their very best to continue to find ways to value and inspire the children’s learning across all subjects.

As part of this approach, the school delivered boxes of creative and well-being activities to every home, and one of the activities was an Art/ Well-being Challenge. The children were invited to enter a piece of artwork for the Brigstock Outdoor Art Gallery- a display of weatherproofed artwork to raise the spirits of the village, to be displayed outside so that the whole village could share everyone’s work in a Covid-safe way. With visitors unable to come into school at present, having an outdoor display has been a lovely way to share the work of the children. 

Our school has tried to raise the spirits of the whole village with this wonderful display of Art and Creativity. Our wonderful children have worked so hard on their projects, at home and at school, and we feel so proud of each and every entry. So many children have entered and already the display has brightened the spirits of so many within our school and village community.

The children have been really inspired in their creativity:

Chloe: “I wanted to make something that would make everyone feel happy and hopeful.”

Sophie: “We have all created some amazing things, and they have all come together to make one Brigstock masterpiece.”

Lily has contributed two unique pieces of artwork. “I love doing artwork. It makes me feel so happy and calm. I have loved making things for the display and I feel very proud that all the village can see because they are displayed outside.”

Visitors to the display have described it as ‘inspirational’, ‘uplifting’ and everyone has appreciated the creative effort that has been made. Parents and members of the wider community have written so warmly, thanking the school for ‘going the extra mile.’

“There is such a wonderful mix of Art projects and styles. Every entry is unique and beautiful, and they have all been displayed so thoughtfully.”

Parents have really enjoyed celebrating the work of their own children and of the school as a whole.

“Our school is really wonderful at valuing the efforts of everyone. This feels like a lovely celebration at a difficult time for everyone.”

We have also had contributions from past pupils, and the display has really brought the whole community together. We have catalogued all of the artwork on display, and there is a link to the online article in the ET, which includes some lovely pictures of our children and their artwork. We have also featured in the paper this week.

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