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We felt incredibly proud this week as our ‘Brigstock 400’ publication was launched.

We had put together a 400 committee back in January, but things have not quite gone to plan, with Covid changing so many of our plans. Howwever the book launch has gone ahead this week and we are delighted that we have been able to give a copy of our book to every family. We will sell the remaining copies, and we know that everyone will enjoy sharing in all the achievements that are shared within the pages of the book. It sums up all the wonderful things about our school and it is a true celebration of ‘Life in all its fullness.’

“The book looks so wonderful. We do so many things at our school, I feel very lucky that this is MY school.!”

“It was wonderful to sit down and look at this book with my children. It sums up all that we love about this school. It is a school that truly lives its values.”

We want to thank everyone who has enabled the publication to become a reality- and particularly to our children and staff who continue to do so many wonderful things.

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