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As you all know, our mosaic has been designed by the children of our school and it holds so many precious memories of our lovely Mrs Leaning as well as celebrating 400 years of education at the school she loved so much. We know that everyone will enjoy sharing this beautiful piece of artwork, and it will definitely inspire our children now and into the future. We look forward to sharing it with EVERYONE in September. Our Year 6 children placed a tile each on the mosaic, and they have now truly left their mark on our school for the future.

Our Year children did some absolutely amazing creative writing from their home learning box. They wrote some wonderful stories and they made us all feel so proud with the effort and creativity that they put into their work.
Thank you so much to all of our Year 2 are all such fantastic writers!

Miss Munro had sent home a box of activities linked to the ‘Italy’ theme for the Year 3 and 4 children, and this week the children were given time slots to bring some of their work up to school. They have brought in some very impressive shoe designs for judging, and they also brought their home-made Roman Coins…to exchange for an ice cream! Luckily each coin was worth just the right amount to exchange for an ice cream or an ice lolly!

We also have a wonderful display of coins to share at school. Thank you so much to everyone for taking part, and for working so hard and with such creativity.


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