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We have a very exciting year ahead, with many celebrations planned to mark the 400th anniversary of education in Brigstock. This week, we launched our new 'Brigstock Through the Ages' Day 10:10 unit. All of the children were given a time period from 1620 through to the present day, and they came dressed in appropriate clothing for attending school in that particular year. In 1620, there were no girls at school, so there were only boys in Ms Ovenden's school room! By 1800, some girls were allowed to attend school to learn sewing- so we sewed as if in the 1800 sewing room. Sally Wilks helped us to create a fantastic Victorian classroom, and we even had schoolrooms from the 1950s and into the 2000s. It was a great experience, and we have shared our individual experiences in our free-writing Friday.

"I can't believe girls didn't always go to school. We are much luckier now."

"I learnt so much and it was good to see how all the clothes have changed over the time from 1620. It was hard to do everything in a long skirt!"

"I found the whole afternoon so interesting. We are lucky to do such amazing things."

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