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At Brigstock School we are committed to providing our children with a broad, balanced curriculum that is relevant and meaningful. We strive for academic excellence and at the same time we want our children to be confident, independent learners who apply their skills in a range of ways. Our DAY 10 CURRICULUM was established in September 2014 as a way of creating a bespoke extra curriculum within the school. Each term our Day 10 curriculum has a different focus, centred on the needs of our children, our school and its wider community at that time. Every 10th day, we spend either a morning or an afternoon working in Day 10 groups on activities relating to the current theme.

During Day 10, our children are organised into mixed-age, cross-phase groups. This allows the children the opportunity to work with children from other key stages and year groups, and encourages the older children to nurture and support the younger children, too. Activities are carefully planned within each unit to challenge all year groups and to encourage a team-work approach where all work is shared and valued. Outcomes are shared in a range of ways; sometimes there are individual pieces of work to celebrate within a group, sometimes there are whole-school projects and sometimes the children share their work through dance, songs or drama.

The children are excited and inspired by our Day 10 work.

“Day 10 IS Brigstock School! It shows that we all work together so well, and we do lots of our best things when we do that. I love the Tree of Life and the big school picture because they show how all of us can work together to do something that is AMAZING!”


“Day 10 is really good because we all work together. I think the older children really help the younger children to do even better things. I like it when we go out around the village and learn about the things that are around us, not just the things inside the school building.”


“Day 10 shows all the school values.”

Ofsted praised the Day 10 work, and during our SIAMS inspection it was a strong contributory factor towards our OUTSTANDING judgement.

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