Forward thinking and creative, valuing faith, tradition, community and achievement.




We aim to be a nurturing, creative school at the heart of our community, where all are enabled to achieve their best. We celebrate our differences, we value each individual and we encourage kindness and respect from all.

Our Christian values underpin all our learning, and the depth and breadth of our curriculum enriches our children and enables them to embrace ‘Life in all its Fullness’. (John 10:10)

Our intent is for all pupils to read fluently and accurately across a wide range of contexts throughout the curriculum. All our approaches provide the motivation to read for both study and for pleasure.

At Brigstock School we recognise the importance of reading for pleasure and we want all children to develop a love of reading. All classes have attractive book areas and book displays. Each class has regular opportunities to use the school library, with support from the librarian. Class teachers foster a love of reading through prioritising ‘story times’ where they read both books they enjoy and share pupils’ favourite books. Opportunities for reading are also provided outside. Our outdoor reading spaces are accessed by pupils during playtimes and lunchtimes and during these sessions staff read to groups of children and children enjoy reading books from our wide collections.

Reading opportunities are embedded within our curriculum and the quality texts studied use the work of a range of authors and genres. Books are grouped into genres (refer to the Curriculum Text Map) to ensure a balanced approach, that also includes quality texts that will engage readers and increase cultural capital and vocabulary development.

Key reading skills are taught from EYFS to 6 including systematic synthetic phonics from year R through KS1. Pupils read during guided sessions, shared read, within topic work and individually. As a school, we recognise that reading is at the heart of the curriculum, and we include reading opportunities across all subject areas. We use a range of reading approaches to teach reading which include shared and guided reading, group sessions, independent reading and individual reading. We aim to inspire our children by reading with them often, and sharing the work of great authors. We use a creative approach to encourage reading, and actively engage in book-related events such as author visits, World Book Day and book quizzes. We inspire our children with book-related artwork, which is evident in our indoor and outdoor areas- and books were a feature of our Village Advent Window. This way, we encourage everyone to be involved in all aspects of reading.


Pupils develop an extensive knowledge through having read a rich and varied range of texts. Text types provide suitable challenge and interest to ensure our reading provision develops depth and breadth of vocabulary and knowledge. We teach a range of strategies that support the development of comprehension.

We develop knowledge of an extensive and rich vocabulary through shared reading approaches and new vocabulary is displayed and referred to on the class Vocabulary Walls. All staff are aware of the importance of vocabulary to academic success, and we aim to increase the opportunities to broaden and deepen vocabulary within Tier 2 (descriptive) and Tier 3 (academic/scientific). We also recognise the importance of developing awareness and use of language patterns from a young age.

We want our children to have a desire to read and we give them access to rich, wonderful texts across a range of curriculum areas. We encourage reading in a range of classroom and outdoor situations, and we enable our children to promote reading to their peers. The children actively promote reading as part of the School ‘Book Squad’. Here children from all key satges, celebrate their love of reading leading reading presentation in  assemblies, organising both in school and community reading events, writing book review which they share with others during playtimes and creating interactive reading displays around school.

We share and celebrate our reading achievements within school through presentation assemblies. Children are selected as the Reading Champion for the term. This selection is based on reading progress including one or more of the following features; use of a wide vocabulary, application of phonic knowledge or key word recognition, improved comprehension, increased use of inference and fluency.

Our approach aims to ensure that our children have excellent visual word recognition and comprehension skills, and that they are fluent, confident and independent readers with a desire to read and a love of books.


Subject lead for Early Reading is Ms Ovenden, 

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